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We love bikes. We’re concerned. We want better.

The bike and outdoor industry has struggled to prioritize equity and inclusiveness for BIPOC, FTW, and LGBTQ+ workers and enthusiasts. But the industry NEEDS to change to not just survive, but thrive.

Leadership at Quality Bicycle Products refused to acknowledge employees very tangible issues, especially with regards to equity and representation for BIPOC workers and cyclists. We are in a time of great possibility: we know the rest of the industry faces these same struggles, and it is time to take action and make the community better. Our intentions are not to only focus on one company, but to use what we know about QBP to further our connections and work hard for everyone who could use a helping hand.

Time for an overhaul.

These are our objectives:

Public Transparency

Transparency is truly what QBP’s tenet of “Act[ing] with Integrity” means. We need conscientious and timely sharing of actions they are taking to fix systemic inequalities within their organization.

External DEI Assistance

Quality Bicycle Products must establish a timeline for hiring external Diversity Equity and Inclusion practitioners to change the culture of the organization.

Company Culture Shift

Employees in the bike industry, especially at QBP, deserve a quality workplace. Marginalized workers need transparent and supportive structures to voice concerns. BIPOC workers belong everywhere in the bike and outdoor industry.

We must speak up.

We cannot allow this to continue. We invite you to take action with us. Please share your experiences in and around the industry with regards to transparency and better treatment. We welcome your words, and will not share them without your explicit consent. Our intention is to remain in communication with QBP, to hold them accountable to create an equitable work environment. We will be documenting and sharing.